How we work

How we work
How we work

Every coaching process is unique; specifically designed around you to maximize what you get out of it.

The coaching process
Each coaching process is unique and completely tailored to fit your needs, goals and expectations. The steps described above provide a flexible and comprehensive structure that is adapted to fit your requirements.

The objective of this high personalization is to optimize your investment in coaching by maximizing progress and results you derive from the coaching process.

Our experience has proven that holding up the mirror of his or her potential to a client during a coaching process is truly a powerful tool to empower them to develop, unleash their true potential and deliver unprecedented results. This is exactly what we do during our coaching process: empower our clients to unleash all their true potential.
Our coaching is built on three pillars:
● Our starting point is a deep belief in the enormous potential we all have within ourselves.
● Our driving force is a genuine curiosity to understand your world and how you experience it.
● Our basic tools are asking non-judgmental, exploratory questions to open new perspectives and creating a supportive environment to encourage change and growth. Additionally, we draw on techniques from our professional background (project management, business administration, change management and creativity techniques to name a few) as well as our personal interests and study fields (positive psychology, humanistic psychology and even martial arts).
Steps in the coaching process:
oneStart: The process starts with a one hour Chemistry Meeting, where you and your coach meet for the first time to discuss your goals and expectations.

twoSessions usually from once a week to twice a month and usually last for 1,5-2 hours. They can take place at your office or at mine, depending on your needs.
During the sessions we work on creating ideas and perspectives to design new solutions to your challenges.

Session outcome: The outcome of a session is usually an action plan that you have created and committed to work on before the next session.
threeBetween sessions: The real change and development process happens between coaching sessions. This is the time when you implement the actions coming out of the coaching meeting and work to internalize the changes you want to make.
At Global Results, we place a lot of emphasis on accompanying and supporting you through your development journey. We are there for you during sessions and also available to reply your emails, or schedule phone calls and skype meetings between coaching sessions at your request.

fourOverall duration: Coaching engagements usually last three, six, nine or twelve months.